Georgia Bass Slam!

Have y’all heard of the Georgia Bass Slam??? If not you should check out the GA DNR page and try and complete it yourself! (Link at the bottom of post)
Did you know that Georgia has a high abundance of Black Bass species? Did you know that Black Bass species are the most sought after for anglers? The challenge is to catch FIVE of the Black Bass species and trying to vary the habitats you catch them in (example: one in a creek, one in a lake).
The Black Bass species that are present in Georgia are below:
-Largemouth Bass
-Smallmouth Bass
-Spotted Bass (Alabama & Kentucky)
-Altamaha Bass
-Chattahoochee Bass
-Shoal Bass
-Suwannee Bass
-Redeye Bass
-Bartram’s Bass
-Tallapoosa Bass
Here is the link to the DNR fish species identification help page:
A lot of the Black Bass species are hybridizing so if you need help with bass identification  feel free to email pictures & catch location to Also, please email all the information to me if you think you have caught a Chattahoochee Bass so I can pass the information along to the DNR Stream Team. Thanks to Georgia Department of Natural Resources for this great idea to help expand bass fishing from lakes to streams!
Good Luck & Go Fish!

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