2018: here’s the plan

My 2017 ended with a very busy holiday season that included me getting engaged to the love of my life (shoutout to Mark), slacking on blog posts, creating a new Peach State Fish shirt, and wishing for warmer weather to make exploring a little bit more enjoyable.

It’s now 2018, a fresh new start for everybody. So here’s the plan for Peach State Fish in the upcoming year:

  • Dive Trip to a Florida Spring around February/March which will feature fish found in the Coastal Plains ecoregion of Georgia.
  • Go snorkel in the Conasauga River several times in March/April (might make this an event on our Facebook page so people could join in the fun!)
  • Camping along the Talulah Headwaters in the Summer (lots of Sculpin pics!)
  • Continuing to expand the products which 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the GA Natural Resources Foundation which supports the GA DNR in preserving Georgia’s Natural Resources.
  • Getting a better camera and improving my fish photography skills, both under and above water.
  • Traveling to local streams to showcase the species within so the public can see what’s in their backyard.

This will be a busy year with me finding the perfect job, planning a wedding, and trying to explore creeks every weekend. I promise it will be worth the wait and to keep following PSF on all social media platforms.


Below is a contact box so if anyone has any additional ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see this year, just take two seconds to fill it in! Thank you!

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