Horny Heads!

If you're from the South, you've most likely heard of a fish with the nickname "horny head." This usually refers to several species of chubs found in small creeks, but most commonly refers to the Bluehead Chub (Nocomis leptocephalus). For those of you who haven't heard of horny heads, I bet you're wondering where that... Continue Reading →


  Georgia is home to about 45 different species of darters. Unfortunately, it's difficult to keep a solid count because fish taxonomy is constantly changing. (Nonetheless, that means new species and improving our genetic libraries to maintain accuracy in Fish ID.) Darters are in the family Percidae which also includes logperches and walleye. Yes, there is... Continue Reading →

Meet The Author

My name is Kelly Strychalski and I have always had a passion for the great outdoors. I was born and raised in Georgia, a true Georgia Peach, but it wasn't until the past couple of years that I explored my love of freshwater fish. Growing up, I was always obsessed with learning everything I could... Continue Reading →

GA DNR Stream Team

Back in June, I started my first real job with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Unfortunately, it is a seasonal position and I only have one week left. But for one more week, I'm a seasonal fisheries technician on the Stream Survey Team (more like the Dream Team). At first, I was extremely nervous... Continue Reading →

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